CSPro 7.6

Insert, tabulate, edit and disseminate survey data

Put the data collected using the CSEntry Android App into a readable and analyzable form. Tabulate, edit and disseminate the gathered information to streamline your interactions with it.

Entering and processing data from surveys is a complex and time-consuming job. CSPro allows users to perform these tasks in a simplified manner.
The program lets you create different applications for different tasks. For example, you can create an application to enter data from surveys obtained from paper questionnaires or from computer-assisted individual interviewing. After entering the data, you can edit, as well as tabulate and print it.

The program is compatible with an Android app developed by the same agency. Thus, you can use an Android phone or tablet to collect data, and then upload such data to use it within the program. This adds functionality and versatility to the program, and avoids compatibility issues.

One disadvantage is that the program can be hard enough to understand for non-technical users. Nevertheless, if you are into data management, then it will be easier for you. Also, the program includes examples of the different applications that can be created.

To sum up, if you are in charge of collecting, analyzing or managing survey data, then this program will be useful for you. And the best part is that it is free of charge.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It is compatible with an Android app that can be used to collect data
  • It includes examples of applications and files


  • It is rather specialized
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