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Publisher's description

The Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) is a free software package for entering, editing, tabulating, and disseminating census and survey data. CSPro is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, yet powerful enough to handle the most complex applications.

What's new in version 4.1

- Extended controls: Addition of tablet-ready controls such as radio
buttons, checkboxes, lists, and date pickers.
- Userbar: An optional bar in a data entry application that can contain
buttons, fields, and text.
- Increased support for CAPI applications, including ones in multiple
languages via changeable fonts.
- Reference window for element inspection while editing logic.
- GPS support.
- DeckArrays: Hotdeck imputation using arrays built from value sets.
- Linked value sets: Multiple items can share the same value set.
- Tracing: Limited ability to generate a trace log of a program's
- Data entry and batch programs can be run without specifying an
input file.
- Language additions:
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